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Tire Retreading

Tire Retreading

Save money with tire retreading. Simply put, worn tires are inspecting and given new treads. Besides the money you save, you help the environment by recycling your tires. For instance, some tires can be retreaded up to ten times. The rubber from the retreads is shredded to make rubber mulch. Also, retreading uses significantly less oil than it takes to create a new tire.

What is a tire retread?

Before a tire can be retreaded, it must pass careful inspection to ensure the tire's casing can be reused. This rigorous inspection guarantees only the best used tires are retreaded. After inspection, the approved tires are mechanically buffered to the correct radius and diameter. Following the buffer, the new tread is attached to the tire through time, heat, pressure, and vulcanization.

Are retreaded tires safe?

Yes. A strict industry recommended practice is followed throughout the entire retreading process. We guarantee the time is taken to provide quality service so that your retreaded tires have that "like new" reliability.

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